Jun 03 2019

Are ED Meds Really Worth Taking?

Being that I have a medical background as an RN many gentlemen ask my opinion on ED meds. Of course my initial statement is always "consult a Dr before beginning an ED regimen."  Due to the frequency of this question coming up I have begun to do my own research on the topic and here is my discovery and conclusion.  ED meds come in a variety of forms now including herbal supplements, brand name and generic cialis, levitra and viagra, and a liquid injectible made at compounding pharmacies.

In the early 2000's online pharmacies outside the US began marketing their ED Drugs everywhere until the FDA became involved and announced that it would no longer be legal for US Citizens to purchase these meds from outside the US.  The FDA would randomly confiscate these ordered packages on their way into the US for investigation and research purposes.  What researchers discovered in many cases was alarming!  Results indicated everything from "fake" meds including talcum powder to harmful additives to even carcinogens.  Numerous companies websites were shut down.  This of course made it more difficult for US consumers to access these "outside" cheap ED meds.  A few of these overseas companies then opened "processing centers" inside the US enabling them to continue to market their products to US consumers.  The demand for these "outside" ED meds was extremely high due to the very low cost of these meds from overseas.  ED meds made and marketed by US Pharma companies were extremely high priced to the tune of $60-$80/pill!  The "outside" ED meds could be purchased for as low as under $1/pill.  Its no wonder US consumers sought out these overseas ED meds and most men could not afford the exorbitant prices the US Pharma companies demanded!  As of the date of this article it is still not "legal" to purchase meds not approved by the US FDA and those overseas companies with the processing centers within the US are still successfully marketing and selling their products to US citizens.  

Another problematic issue with these "outside" ED meds is the milligram content per pill can and do differ from the US FDA approved ED meds.  Men need to use caution here as well.  For example in the US Cialis ranges from 5mg-20mg but the "outside" Cialis pills are sold as high as 60mg per pill.  This brings into perspective side effects.  Not all gentlemen experience side effects but the percentage who do could be as high as half!  Typical complaints range from nausea, dizziness, flushing,jitters, racing heart and headaches.  In some cases the side effects significantly outweighed the positive effects of the meds.  According to research I have learned that although rare, more drastic effects have been reported such as elevated PSA levels, hearing loss, liver problems, stokes, heart attacks, mental addiction and death.  I have personally known of cases of elevated PSA and of mental addiction to the meds, the latter leading to suicide.  Often I do hear complaints from older gentlemen that even with the ED meds they do experience an initial erection but it does not last and some report that it is "off and on" so many reflect that being 'not very effective' they question taking the meds at all.  One positive aspect of the US ED meds is that the costs are coming down somewhat to as low as $10 per pill and although a prescription is still required there are programs in the US that will permit a face to face or phone interview with a licensed Physician or Pharmacist.  

Back to the original question of "Are ED meds really worth taking?"  To that my answer is that, it depends on the man considering it.  Perhaps obtain the script and purchase a few to try. If no side effects and you get the results you were hoping for and it makes YOU feel better then my answer would be YES!  If you experience drug interactions, side effects, or do not experience the results you were seeking then my answer would be NO, its not worth it.  Another question to ponder, "does it make a difference to your sex partner whether you take ED meds?"  Here I would say that it depends on the preferences of your sex partner.  How important to that person is the erection?  My personal answer if the partner is female is that it really makes no difference as most females I have interviewed experience orgasms from external stimulation.

Please feel free to share YOUR opinion and/or experience below. Thank you!